Developing Investment Strategies

Many times the best way to penetrate a market is to have an investment on site. In some countries it is impossible to penetrate the market in any other way. In many situations this may best be achieved by working with a local partner. While there is no single key to the future and often the success of this venture will be established in the early stages of the negotiations. We can help you select the right partner in the right location and maximize your opportunities.


Relationships you can trust

Global Market Management executives have long standing relationships with numerous capital resources. These vary from individuals to large investment firms and they can be key players in the success of your venture. Every investor has their unique background and specific goals. By matching you with the best partner we will ensure that the objectives of all parties are met.


Never in a corner

Because we have seen some ventures succeed while others do not, we will not push negotiations merely to see them accomplished. When looking at an investment domestic or international, we also believe that it is as important for an investor to have as firm an exit strategy as it is to have an entrance strategy.

Since several of our members not only have traveled extensively, they have lived in host countries so that they have unique understanding and respect for individual business climates.

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