Establishing Partners for Market Penetration

Relationships are the key element in any marketing success. In many foreign markets they may be more challenging to establish. Our executives have been developing key relationships that, in many cases, go back as much as thirty five years. These relationships are built not only on business success but also on a deep trust between individuals.


Unique Networks

In some cases, Global Market Management has its own established network for certain markets and products and your products can be added to it. In other cases we stand ready to use our contacts to build the necessary network. Some markets dictate unique structures for penetration while others may be a more familiar parallel to your home market.


Strategic Pricing

Pricing plays an important role in any market penetration and long term considerations are vital to success. Many times a new market entrant will undervalue their goods or services to gain an initial foothold and then find it impossible to move pricing to a sustainable long term position. We will rely on strategic partners with proven records of success to establish both short and long term strategic objectives.

The key to any global transaction is respect; respect for you and your products and services as well as respect for the customers and markets that we seek to penetrate.

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